What we do

Globe & Grape is a wine importer and distributer, with a singular focus: to bring the unparalleled richness of old-world wines to the USA.

Embrace the legacy of Old World Wines

Our Promise of Excellence

We select wines that tell a story, crafted with age-old traditions and an unwavering dedication to quality. Experience the legacy in every bottle — a narrative of soil, grape, and artistry.

Embark on a tasteful odyssey with Globe & Grape as we bring you the best-kept secrets from Italy's revered wine regions.

Starting with the bold flavors of Piedmont and the romantic notes of Valpolicella, we are on a mission to expand your palate.

The Future Pour

Our collection is blossoming. Anticipate the inclusion of Super Tuscan, and French and Spanish varietals, carefully chosen to enrich your wine journey.

About us

Globe & Grape

Learn more about the company and the team behind it.

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