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Join our collective of vineyards and winemakers on a continuouse journey to discover and deliver the perfect bottles for import and distribution across the United States. 

Embark on a Voyage Through the Old World's Finest

With Globe & Grape, savor the storied wines of the old world. Our collection, meticulously chosen for its quality and authenticity, honors the rich winemaking traditions of the most esteemed regions. From Italy’s historic estates to the future explorations in France and Spain, join us in celebrating the distinguished legacy of each vineyard.

Our journey into the heart of winemaking excellence begins in Italy, with selections that embody the soul of their regions.

Italy: The Core of Our Curated Selection


  • Barbera: A versatile red known for its deep color, full body, and low tannins. Our Barbera selection showcases the lively acidity and fruity flavors characteristic of this wine, making it perfect for a wide range of dishes.
  • Nebbiolo: The king of Piedmontes’ grapes, Nebbiolo is the grape behind the famed Barolo and Barbaresco. Our Nebbiolo offerings capture the essence of Piedmont, with their notable tannins, high acidity, and distinctive scent of tar and roses.


  • Ripasso: Often referred to as “baby Amarone,” Ripasso wines are rich and complex, thanks to a second fermentation process with Amarone skins. Our selection brings you the layered flavors of dried fruit, chocolate, and spices.
  • Amarone: A jewel of Valpolicella, Amarone is celebrated for its potent alcohol content, full body, and intense flavors. Our Amarone bottles are selected for their exceptional balance of acidity and sweetness, enveloping your palate in a luxurious velvet embrace.

We are expanding our Italian collection to include the radiant wines of other regions. These future additions promise to broaden your wine experience with Globe & Grape.

France & Spain: The Next Chapters

Our quest for unparalleled wines will soon extend to France and Spain, promising to unveil a palette of iconic wines from these storied wine-producing nations.

Why Globe & Grape?

Our dedication to excellence is unwavering. Each wine is chosen for its ability to convey the story of its land and people, ensuring that every sip offers a taste of the region's heart and history.

Interested wineries and winemakers may join our partners' network. Please connect with us.

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