Globe & Grape

Globe & Grape is a wine importation and distribution business, with a singular focus: to bring the unparalleled richness of old-world wines to the USA.

Our commitment to sustainability and close relationships with producers ensure that every bottle we select not only tastes extraordinary but also honors the land and people who craft it. 

Our mission is to bridge the vast vineyards of Europe’s most esteemed wine regions with American wine enthusiasts, offering an exquisite collection that celebrates the legacy, craftsmanship, and distinctive flavors of traditional winemaking.

Our Story

A Note from the Founder:

“For as long as I can remember, old-world wines have held a special place in my heart. Their rich history, the meticulous care in their making, and the unparalleled flavors they offer have always fascinated me. My personal journey through the vineyards of Italy, France, and Spain has been one of discovery, learning, and unbridled joy.

This passion, once a hobby, has transformed into Globe & Grape. It’s not just about importing wine; it’s about sharing a piece of history, a moment of joy, and the culmination of centuries-old traditions. I invite you to join me on this journey, to explore the depth and breadth of old-world wines. Together, we’ll uncover the stories each bottle tells and share the splendid tastes that I’ve had the privilege to discover.”


A Personal Journey, Shared with the World

At the heart of Globe & Grape is a simple yet profound love for old-world wines and the rich traditions that craft them. Our founder’s quest for silky, delicious wines, born out of a genuine passion, has now blossomed into a business. This journey, driven by the discovery of wines that speak to the soul, is the essence of Globe & Grape.

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